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Teaching and helping students and clients reach their goals has not only always been my profession, but also my passion. So, of course I can help you with grammar exercises or an exam preparation, however I can also help you gain more confidence in speaking a foreign language and guide you on your path towards a new goal in your career.

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I came to Switzerland from Czechia in 2011 as an exchange student at the University of Zurich. After graduating from the Charles University in Prague with a Master’s degree in English language, literature and linguistics I continued in my career as an English teacher and in-company coach for nearly a decade. For several years I worked as an English language teaching consultant and sales representative for Cambridge University Press in Switzerland.

As an expat, I also lived and worked in the UK, Kuwait and Luxembourg. And as a naturally curious and communicative person, I started my own podcast in order to create an organic community of expats and examine how other people deal with the joys and challenges of expatriation.

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